Bengok Edu Tour FAQ’s

Bengok Edu Tour or primarily known as Bengok Craft Worshop is a service from Bengok Craft which provides edu-tour-based field experiences. As for the tour, the participants would learn how to create water hyacinth crafts. Apart from that, Bengok Craft also offers other experiences that are no less interesting, such as having lunch in the middle of the rice fields, walking through the rice fields, to walking around the Rawa Pening lake which is around the Workshop location.

Activities like this are very beneficial for many parties, especially for those who want to looking for new experiences.

Bengok Craft Workshop is usually used as an activity for primary and secondary students as an outing class activity. However, it is possible that the Bengok Craft Workshop would also be attended by adults from various agencies because they are very curious about the fun of making crafts in the village.

With more and more parties involved in the Bengok Craft Workshop, more and more people are curious about the Bengok Craft Workshop.

Here we summarize some FAQs about the Bengok Craft Workshop:

– What is the minimum number of participants for the school children’s package?

>> For packages worth 30,000/45,000/60,000 for a minimum of 25 pax or 25 students

– What could you get during the Workshop activity for a package worth 30,000?

>> For the 30,000 package, children would get their creations and traditional snacks for free

– What could you get during the Workshop activity for a package worth 45,000?

>> For the 45,000 package, children would get their creations, and free lunch (rice, fried chicken, iced tea/hot tea) and rice field activities.

– What could you get during the Workshop activity for a package worth 60,000?

>> For the 60,000 package, children would receive their creations, free lunch (rice, chicken katsu, vegetables, fruit, fruit juice, and rice field activities).

– How long is the duration of the workshop activities?

>> Duration ranges from 3-4 hours depending on the activities to be carried out and arrival time.

– Where is the location for the Bengok Craft Workshop activities?

>> The Bengok Craft Workshop is located at Daringan Kesongo Culture, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency

– What if the vehicle cannot enter the location?

>> We would  provide a rabbit train that would take participants from the vehicle parking lot

– What facilities would Bengok Craft Workshop provide during the activity?

>> Guides who would guide each group to make crafts, rabbit trains for transportation to locations, tools and materials for making crafts, bathrooms and gazebos.

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