Chinese New Year 2023 which will fall on Sunday, 22 January 2023 is expected to bring blessings to the universe and everything in it.

Especially in this year being the year of the rabbit which is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. The year of 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.

According to Feng Shui predictions, the atmosphere in 2023 would be exciting, dynamic, there would be many important, albeit completely unexpected changes – both personally and professionally, as well as opening new paths to success.

Therefore, in this Chinese New Year celebration, in order to get goodness, we need to prepare it, as one that is familiar to those who celebrate it, namely giving hampers.

These hampers are becoming popular among people nowadays because of their increasingly varied shapes, usually hampers containing food/goods placed in basket-like containers and then modified using accessories such as ribbons.

There are indeed a lot of hampers providers nowadays, but you can make Bengok Craft one of the hampers providers for your Chinese New Year celebration.

Bengok Craft is one of the preferences for individuals and institutions to order hampers. As has been trusted by Bank Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, to the Central Java provincial government. Therefore, the quality of hampers from Bengok Craft is no longer in doubt for big celebrations, like one of them this Chinese New Year.

You can order our hampers in a bag called Bengok Hampers Bag. This water hyacinth-based bag is 27cm x 7cm x 20cm in size for a small bag, while 37cm x 15cm x 23cm in size for a medium bag.

This bag has details with the majority of water hyacinth material which is woven and attached to the front and back of the bag, then a strip is also added that fits on the wrist. These strips are made of stitched wads of fabric. While the inside of the bag is lined with jute/furing fabric which is the same color as the water hyacinth tone

You can modify this bag with various contents, it can be cookies, basket cakes, and others according to your request.

If you want baskets/boxes as hampers, Bengok Craft also has Box variants such as Bengok 25x25x10 cm, Bengok Medium Tray, Bengok Small Box, and others.

Of course, this size variation makes it easier for you to choose one that can be adapted to many hampers.

Uniquely, this hamper bag/box can be reused as a container for everyday items, so it’s very reusable. With environmentally friendly materials, the product is durable and does not damage the environment.

By supporting us through the purchase of Bengok Hampers Bag/Box, you’ve participated to support community development and environmental sustainability.

Immediately reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft to order the Lunar New Year special edition!

Happy Lunar New Year, Sobat Bengok!

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