As many as 15 students from the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS) arrived at Darungan Kesongo Culture on Thursday, 19 January 2023 ago. They are exchange students who want to take part in a visitation and training at the water hyacinth industry – Tuntang.

Their activities were facilitated by Bengok Craft as the organizer. Bengok Craft indeed has experience for more than 3 years as one of the industries engaged in water hyacinth crafts. In addition to marketing water hyacinth creations, Bengok Craft also holds an activity called the Bengok Craft Workshop as a means of learning to make crafts from these weeds.

For the holding of the training this time along with the UNIMUS students bringing the theme, “The Benefits of Water Hyacinth as a Business Opportunity”, they were excited to learn about the procedures for making water hyacinth crafts as a business opportunity.

Moreover, as “Kampus Merdeka” student exchange students, they are supported by the Ministry of Education to not only learn in theory, but also in practice in implementing entrepreneurial values. So it is hoped that in the future students will have sufficient provision for entrepreneurship.

Upon arrival at the Workshop location, the students were greeted by the Bengok Craft Team. The first agenda was the opening by the Bengok Craft Team to the students, followed by the screening of the Bengok Craft documentary video. This video tells about the journey of Bengok Craft from the beginning until now.

Furthermore, the students received an explanation of material exposure from Astaria as the Co-Founder of Bengok Craft regarding the characteristics of water hyacinth and also the procedure for making crafts. Then, the students had the opportunity to take part in the main activity, which was training on how to make water hyacinth crafts. The students were divided into several groups, each group consisting of 1 party from Bengok Craft who would help the students make crafts.

The crafts that are created are Bengok Slippers, water hyacinth slippers with various types and models.

Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft said (1/19) that the type of slipper that was preferred for participating students was the Bengok Slipper Selop.

“Bengok Slipper Selop has a simple and aesthetic shape, suitable for men and women,” added Firman.

As for making slippers, Firman and his team have prepared the raw materials, such as rubber mats and water hyacinth woven.

This is so that students don’t find it difficult so students are able to focus on modifying their slipper.

After the students created the Bengok Slipper craft, they put it in the Bengok Hampers Bag, a bag from Bengok Craft which is intended for hampers and gifts. The bags had been ordered prior to their arrival. The bag filled with their slipper creations looks very charming and all of them make it a souvenir to bring home. Meanwhile, some students also bought additional souvenirs such as Bengok Bracelets which were also intended as gifts.

Before going home, they don’t forget to take a group photo while holding their creations.

Thanks for Faculty of Economics of UNIMUS!

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