Bengok Hampers Bag in fulfilling orders from Universitas Muhammadiyah semarang (UNIMUS)
Credit: personal bengokcraft

The creations of Bengok Craft are indeed very unique and ethnic but still trendy because they keep up with current developments. Bengok Craft creations consist of many kinds, such as fashion, accessories, home decor, to gifts/hampers. Each type of creation has its own market share.

For example, like Bengok gifts/hampers, usually collectively ordered by many institutions or corporates for gifts/hampers for their guests or for certain events.

Bengok Hampers Bag, one of which is a creation that is a preference for many parties for gifts. Like the order received by Bengok Craft this time to provide Bengok Hampers Bags for exchange students at the Faculty of Economics, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS).

Bengok Hampers Bag is a hamper bag from Bengok Craft with a size of 27cm x 7cm x 20cm for a small bag, while size 37cm x 15cm x 23cm for a medium bag. The order from UNIMUS is for a medium size of approximately 15 bags.

This bag has details with the majority of water hyacinth material which is woven and attached to the front and back of the bag, then a strip is also added that fits on the wrist. These strips are made of stitched wads of fabric. While the inside of the bag is lined with jute/furing fabric which is the same color as the water hyacinth tone.

Don’t forget, on the outside it is covered in thick clear plastic like glass so that the inside of the hampers can be seen.

The Bengok Hampers Bag is available at the Water Hyacinth Craft Visitation and Training event which was held on 19 January 2023. The students were actively involved in a meaningful one-day activity with Bengok Craft to make water hyacinth creations.

The water hyacinth creation they made was the Bengok Slipper, and don’t forget to put the Bengok Slipper in the Bengok Hampers Bag that had been ordered by the campus beforehand, so it was very suitable as a souvenir when they returned home.

UNIMUS’s enthusiasm for local products is increasingly tangible, that apart from bringing their students to the Bengok Craft workshop, they also entrust souvenirs to the student exchange students.

Firman said on (1/19) that with the enthusiasm of customers to order the Bengok Hampers Bag, he and his team always improve the quality of their products, and there will be more variants of the Bengok Hampers Bag in the future, so that customers can get more preferences.

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