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Having the opportunity to share his knowledge with the audience, this time Bengok Craft is present at the Webinar organized by GED (GenBI-ers Economic Discussion) with the theme “Creating Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age”.

This event was attended by a community of Bank Indonesia scholarship recipients in the Semarang region (GenBI Semarang). This activity was carried out online through the Zoom Meeting platform and was attended by 245 participants, the discussion was held for 2 hours 30 minutes.

The founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji, became one of the guest speakers on the material he brought, namely A New Generation, A new Opportunity (Beyond your Limit). As a new generation, a generation that is used to extraordinary technological developments, it should be able to create new opportunities.

Firman doesn’t just create new opportunities just like that, because he has a goal to make things useful for others.

Among them is increasing people’s welfare and economic growth because Bengok Craft empowers the people around Rawa Pening by creating crafts that can be sold at high value so as to improve people’s lives.

He himself told the audience that Bengok Craft existed because of continuous environmental problems, the growth of water hyacinth which became a weed was getting out of control, causing the ecosystem around Rawa Pening, the area where he lived, to be threatened. In addition, the people around Rawa Pening also do not have qualified expertise, so far the majority have only been water hyacinth fishermen and collectors. It was there that he believed he could increase the value of water hyacinth by creating it into crafts through the business he founded, Bengok Craft.

In addition, the point he made was that the opportunities he created still exist because of the uniqueness of his craft. Apart from using natural materials, he also always innovates in developing his products, until now he and his team can produce more than 100 variants of various kinds of water hyacinth handicrafts.

Firman also conveyed tips for projecting ideal business allocation funds that include 30:30:30:10, including:

  • 30% Production Development

– Purchase of Raw Material Stock

– Training and Mentoring

  • 30% Marketing Development

– Digital Marketing Platforms

– My Ads My Adventure

  • 30% Business Development

– Bengok Craft Gallery

– Bengok Global

  • 10% Research Development

– BC Media

– Product Database

In addition, it was explained that the funds used for this purpose must be divided into 3 categories, namely operational funds, reserve funds, and development funds. So it is more focused and clear goals.

After Firman explained his presentation of the material, the event continued with a question and answer session followed by a group photo with on camera zoom.

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