The current season is indeed uncertain, you would definitely feel that at that time the hot weather changed drastically with the rain. No wonder, if the weather is erratic, our bodies get sick easily.

For this reason, we need to work around this by taking preventive measures, such as using a jacket and head protection such as a hat.

Choosing jackets and hats that you can use in both seasons at the same time can of course be your consideration.

You may refer to fashion products from Bengok Craft.

You could wear this Bengok Jacket and Bengok Hat when the weather is uncertain like today.

Bengok Jacket is one of the fashion products from Bengok Craft which uses jeans and water hyacinth in its manufacture. With these two high-quality materials, it protects you from the sun exposure, thus it could protect your skin. In the rainy season, this Bengok Jacket of course could warm your body, yet still make you comfortable since the jeans material has a proper thickness level.

The water hyacinth material on the front is attached to the webbing with the aim of adding a great impression and there are ethnic elements in a blend of modern styles.

This jacket measures S 45 cm 66 cm, M 50 cm 74 cm, L 54 cm 76 cm, XL 54 cm 78 cm and XXL 59 cm 83 cm with 2 small pockets.

Meanwhile, the Bengok Hat still has the same function of being able to protect yourself from dry or rainy weather, especially protecting the head and face because the Bengok Hat has a circular edge as well.

This hat is made of water hyacinth material and has two models, namely the woven palette technique and also the knitting technique. It has a size of 40 x 40 x 10 cm, 18 cm (head) and a light weight of 350 g. So comfortable when traveling.

This Bengok Jacket and Bengok Hat are very suitable to be combined to support your appearance besides protecting yourself from extreme weather, Sobat Bengok!

For more information about these two products, you may reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft or!

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet!

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