Outdoor activities for students or commonly referred to as outing classes can now be applied in schools. Outing class is sometimes needed to implement a more enjoyable learning. Outing classes usually offer a direct observation or observation activities, and students can apply them, depending on the activities carried out in the outing class.

For those of you educators and parents who are still confused about the reference for outing classes, Bengok Craft Workshop can be one of your choices to take your children on a trip and learn at the same time. The Bengok Craft workshop will guide you to travel around Rawa Pening by boat. Not only that, workshop participants will also be guided about making water hyacinth crafts. Guided from the beginning from the material to the direct practice of making crafts such as bracelets for example. Located at Daringan Kesongo Culture, the workshop participants will be spoiled with views of Rawa Pening, mountains, and rice fields that surround it.

Bengok Craft Workshop special outing class provides packages, such as Si Unyil, Upin Ipin, and Spongebob packages.

The Si Unyil package:

Duration             : 2-3 hour
Fee                      : Rp.20.000/pax,
Facilities             : Free snack, process of drying water hyacinth, and make handicraft books/bracelets.
T & C                   : Minimum 20 pax

The Upin & Ipin package:

Fee                      : Rp.35.000/pax
Facilities             : Free snack, Go around the Rawa Pening, harvest water hyacinth, dry water hyacinth, and make books/bracelets.
T & C                   : Minimum 20 pax

The Spongebob package:

Fee                      : Rp.50.000/pax
Facilities             : Free snack, Go around the Rawa Pening by boat, harvest water hyacinth, dry water hyacinth, and make box/bags.
T & C                   : Minimum 20 pax

Why is it highly recommended to join the Bengok Craft workshop? This activity is very useful not only entertaining but also has an educational side. In addition, the practice of making crafts is also considered to improve cognitive abilities for students. Cognitive abilities are abilities that include mental (brain) activities. it means the ability that contains all efforts related to brain activity to develop rational abilities (reasoning).

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take the opportunity to join the Bengok Craft workshop. Contact us now for information and reservations. Visit our ig at @bengokcraft

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