Founder (left) and Co-Founder (right) of Bengok Craft enjoyed Tumpeng in the anniversary event
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Bengok Craft’s journey to spread kindness continues. Now, it has been 4 years since Bengok Craft has been here for the community. This journey is not an ordinary journey. The existence of Bengok Craft to date is more meaningful because it is accompanied by parties who have the same vision and mission as Bengok Craft, one of which is the artisans of Bengok Craft.

In its 4th anniversary, Bengok Craft also invited artisans to the anniversary event. The event, which was held on 9 January 2023, invited around 9 Bengok Craft artisans who have worked together to develop Bengok Craft. They are considered as the main pillar in the production of Bengok Craft.

Apart from craftsmen, the Bengok Craft marketing team and apprentices were also present.

The event, which was held not far from the Bengok Craft Gallery at Daringan Kesongo Culture, was opened with a prayer and remarks from the Founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji. After that, the Tumpeng-cutting moment continued with the Co-Founder of Bengok Craft, namely Astaria and his son named Satata.

Tumpeng (An Indonesian cone-shaped rice dish with side dishes of vegetables and meat originating from Javanese cuisine of Indonesia) was also distributed to the artisans who attended as a form of gratitude.

While enjoying Nasi Tumpeng and other side dishes, the artisans also participated in giving impressions and messages while they joined Bengok Craft.

They also expressed their pleasure to join Bengok Craft for many years because they can improve their standard of living towards a better one. Before joining Bengok Craft, they had a meager income and the majority of them only worked as fishermen where their income was uncertain.

Apart from that, they also said that bengok craft is also a source of blessing for their other families because they also invite their siblings to also become craftsmen.

Indeed, the majority of Bengok Craft’s artisans are families, so most of the brands are parents and siblings.

After the impression, the artisans conveyed messages or hopes for Bengok Craft in the future. They really want Bengok Craft to be more blessed with more and more orders coming in, in addition to increasing their standard of living, their skills in handicrafts are also getting better.

The second hope that they convey is that the Bengok Craft team will have the opportunity to travel together to a place to improve their welfare and also to strengthen solidarity between them.

“Of course, we fully support the wishes of these artisans and pray that we can make it happen in the coming years,” said Firman after the anniversary event (01/09).

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