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Bengok Medium Circle Box
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For those of you who have a study desk in your room, you will definitely feel uncomfortable when you see a messy and untidy, such as stationery scattered everywhere. In addition, a messy desk makes us not focus on studying or doing something there. Purchasing home-decor/equipment that may tidy up stationery equipment can be your choice so that your desk is pleasing to the eye.

Especially now that there are lots of stationery containers with various models and sizes that can be customized your needs.

However, can you buy home-decor that still look aesthetically pleasing? Of course, you can! Like the Bengok Craft product, this one is called Bengok Circle Box.

This box is in the form of a cylinder resembling a tube that can be used to fill stationery, such as pens, pencils, markers, and others. With its minimalist design, it fits perfectly in the corners of your study desk.

However, in this Bengok Circle Box, a hook is also provided which of course is not only placed on the table, but can be hung in the corners of the room. If you are creative, you can not only fill this one tool with stationery, but also others according to your needs

The minimalist design does not seem ordinary because the Bengok Circle Box is made of a unique and different material, namely water hyacinth.

Yes, who would have thought that water hyacinth could be used as a variety of home decorations such as this one?

Water hyacinth that was originally left alone in Rawa can be processed in such a way that it becomes a stationary container. The natural colour of water hyacinth which is brown in colour, makes the appearance look aesthetic. This decoration as well as a container is very suitable to be placed on the study table with natural, classic, or colourful concepts considering that the dry water hyacinth colour is a neutral colour that can be applied to all things.

This craft has a size of 8x8x15 cm and is very light in weight, is only 100gr. For those of you who want a custom product from Bengok Craft, you may also reach us at What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

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