Bengok Hampers Bag modified with dried flowers
Credit: Shopee Bengok Craft

This question is one of the most asked by new customers. “It’s very possible or not, if Bengok Craft’s creations are according to our request?” The answer is very likely! Some of our creations are not fully according to Bengok Craft’s designs, there are also our creations that come from special requests from customers.

Custom products can vary greatly, from size requests, product designs, to additional materials for craft elements, everything is possible. Especially if Sobat Bengok orders a large number of orders.

For size requests, for example, you want to order a Bengok Hampers Bag with a larger size than the current medium size, namely 37cm x 15cm x 23cm or you want to reduce the size of the hampers bag from the current medium size, which is 27cm x 7cm x 20cm.

For product design, you may modify it according to your wishes, for example you want to make a Bengok Handbag with a hexagon design, the result of the development of the current one, namely the pentagon. Therefore, it is very possible to modify the design of the Bengok Craft water hyacinth craft.

Meanwhile, adding/changing certain materials in water hyacinth crafts may also be according to what you want. For example, if you want to strip a Bengok Handbag, which usually uses water hyacinth fiber or cloth, you want to modify it by using synthetic leather instead. it is really possible!

Bengok Craft really prioritizes customer satisfaction, thus one way to make it happen is to fulfill requests by our customers!

Of course, the items that you customize must be ordered in advance or by pre order! Thus, we have enough time to make it happen because we have several teams to coordinate, one of which is a production team consisting of artisans and tailors who would create crafts according to customer requests with careful handmade.

For those of you who don’t know us, Bengok Craft is a small business that has the goal of bringing local water hyacinth creations to an international level. Like a piece of our brand name “Bengok” which means water hyacinth in our area of Tuntang, Semarang Regency and “Craft” which comes from English, we hope to bring it to the global market.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet!

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