Bengok Penta Style Bag matches with any outfits
Credit: Shopee Bengok Craft

At the beginning of this year, Bengok Craft certainly still wants to make his dreams come true, one of which is by increasing the types of water hyacinth creations that are increasingly appealing and eye-catching, as well as with trendy designs so that they are in line with current developments, especially since the fashion industry is growing rapidly with products fashion that is increasingly diverse as well.

This January, Bengok Craft has officially launched one of its newest creations. This creation is in the form of a bag called “Bengok Penta Style”.

In accordance with the fragment of its name, “Penta” comes from the word “Pentagon” which means a shape with five sides, this word is very familiar when learning flat shapes in mathematics. However, this unique pentagon shape has been embodied in creations, such as one of these Bengok Craft creations.

However, keep in mind that this pentagon-shaped bag has not been widely created. There are usually many bags with contemporary designs today with square, rectangular or circular designs, although there are some with designs that are out of the box.

Bengok Penta Style has a size of 27x25x8 cm with one pocket inside. Besides that, the Bengok Penta Style also has a zipper so that it keeps the goods carried in this bag safe.

There are two uniqueness to this Bengok Penta Style Bag, the first lies in the material it uses, namely water hyacinth, in accordance with our identity at Bengok Craft. This Penta Style Bag applies mostly shelled water hyacinth material. The water hyacinth is woven using a pallet woven technique carefully in the hands of artisans, resulting in neat woven. While the second uniqueness lies in the strap on this bag. Bengok Craft attaches a strap to the bag to wear it on the wrist or palm hand, so it can be used as a handbag. But this bag can also function as a sling bag, we provide a special strap with a longer size and can be adjusted to suit you. so by attaching it to the two ends of this bag, it can function as a sling bag.

Both of these straps are made of a special white, bone-colored fabric, thus they match perfectly with the light brown color of water hyacinth. Its characteristics are similar to the Bengok K-Style Bag, adding brightly colored strap elements to its creations and also the model is like a Korean Bag style.

This bag has an affordable price and when you use it, all eyes will be on you. Get the Bengok Penta Style Bag right now, don’t let the stock out! Reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft for more information. Resellers and whole sellers are welcome!

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