Bengok Hampers Bag special request from Disperindag Central Java
Credit: Instagram story @bengokcrfat

As a valuable socially based enterprise, Bengok Craft always strives the opportunities that exist for the development of the water hyacinth craft business, thus it is hoped that more and more people will be affected by our presence.

Like in 2023, Bengok Craft would take an effort again to expand our craft products through the export market. However, we have carried out this export in previous years.

As for one of our focuses apart from exports, we also strives to try opportunities that exist in the market, such as corporate souvenirs which are currently in high demand.

The large number of corporates in Indonesia has resulted in more and more orders for souvenirs intended for both employees and company guests.

However, there is something to be regretted.

According to Firman, the owner of Bengok Craft, whom he met at the SMESCO Indonesia building (11/24), said that many corporate corporations and even state companies such as state-owned enterprises (BUMN) still rely on China as a supplier of souvenirs.

“Yes, there are still many souvenirs such as glasses and tumblers for events usually made in China, they should be able to choose other alternatives, such as preferring to use MSME products,” said Firman.

Firman, therefore in 2023 would collaborate more and more with various private companies, state companies, and government institutions to provide corporate souvenirs.

This was also supported in the previous year that Bengok Craft began to be trusted by several parties, such as the Central Java provincial government in providing Eid hampers, BNI and Bank Mandiri in providing hampers bags, and many more.

With the collaboration with many parties and also the preparation of a proper production team, Firman is convinced that Bengok Craft could become one of the businesses that can provide corporate souvenirs in large quantities with good quality.

“This time, our souvenirs are usually in the form of a modified Bengok Hampers Bag or Bengok Box. However, it is possible that we will innovate again with other souvenir creations from water hyacinth,” said Firman.

For corporate souvenirs made by Bengok Craft, companies and institutions can add their logos so that the company’s identity could still be visible on the souvenirs.

In terms of packaging, we also provide a special box in the form of a carton, the top of which could also be stamped with the company’s label, so that the impression is even more exclusive.

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