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4. Bengok Fest

Bengok Craft also has the desire to hold a Bengok Fest, a kind of water hyacinth festival consisting of crafts and food and beverages. Apart from that, local wisdom arts performances in the Rawa Pening area are also presented, such as traditional dance performances.

In this case, of course Firman wants all appearances in this Bengok Fest to implement water hyacinth elements. For example, in the showcased crafts, of course, everything is made from water hyacinth. For food and beverage tenants, business owners may also decorate their tenants with water hyacinth elements to match the festival being hosted. For performers in performing arts events, they may apply props such as costumes with water hyacinth modifications as well.

The presence of the Bengok Fest in 2023 is certainly expected to entertain the public and also increase awareness about the existence of water hyacinth as one of the characteristics of Kesongo Village, Semarang Regency.

The Bengok Fest is planned to be open to the public, both in terms of visitors and performers, so that everyone can get the opportunity to participate in this local and cultural event.

5. Water Hyacinth Creation Center

Establishing a water hyacinth creation center in his village is one of the resolutions for Bengok Craft in the upcoming year. Since 2022, Bengok Craft has been repaying this desire by realizing the Bengok Craft Workshop in Kesongo Village to be precise at Daringan Kesongo Culture. Currently, visitors could not only buy the Bengok Craft water hyacinth creations, but also experience a unique and different experience of making water hyacinth crafts directly while being treated to a very charming view because the location is surrounded by Rawa Pening. Participants can feel the sensation of going around Rawa Pening using traditional boats, harvesting water hyacinth, cleaning water hyacinth, drying water hyacinth, flattening water hyacinth before finally making it into crafts.

With the year 2023, Firman, of course, really hopes to make Kesongo Village a center for water hyacinth creations even more real. Apart from shopping and creating water hyacinth, the participants also had the opportunity to see the process of making water hyacinth handicrafts directly by the craftsmen of Bengok Craft. Not only that, training is also provided for local residents who want to develop their talents and interests in creating water hyacinth, so that more opportunities are created in realizing Kesongo village as a prosperous and creative village.

These are the five Bengok Craft resolutions for 2023, pray for us to make it happen as soon as possible, Sobat Bengok!
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