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2. Bengok Craft’s Office

Bengok Craft Gallery in Tuntang received a visit from Mang Peppy, one of the hosts of Indonesian TV Programs
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Even though Bengok Craft has a gallery addressed on Jl. Fatmawati, Kesongo, Semarang Regency, it is not yet fully independent because it is still attached to a house. Of course, with the arrival of 2023, Firman has the desire to establish an independent Bengok Craft office. So, later everything will be centralized both in terms of production and marketing into one.

Everything is centralized in an office, of course, it would make it easier for the Founders and Co-Founders to monitor all activities of Bengok Craft. In addition, customers and those who have an interest in visiting Bengok Craft can come directly to the independent Bengok Craft office.

2. Export to 5 Continents

Throughout 2022, Bengok Craft has succeeded in developing its creations for GO International. Countries that are export destinations for Bengok Craft included Singapore, Japan and Spain. In Singapore, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to participate in Gayeng SG, an event initiated by Bank Indonesia, Central Java and Singapore representative offices to introduce local Central Java creations to the international scene. Meanwhile in Japan, Bengok Craft has participated in the first for the Tsuruya Department Store In-Store Promotion event and also the second for the Indonesia Spice Show 2022 event.

The last one is Bengok Craft’s participation in Spain through the International Fashion, Footwear and Accessories Trade Show (IFEMA) in Madrid where Bengok Craft’s creations are showcased and promoted at the biggest footwear exhibition event in Madrid. Only with these three countries, Bengok Craft has been able to increase its turnover better than in previous years. Even so, Bengok Craft is still determined to expand its products to more countries, with the hope that the five continents could be realized.

Throughout Bengok Craft’s journey, Firman as the Founder was able to expand his products to two continents namely Asia and Europe. Thus, there are still America, Africa and Australia continents that have not been realized.

Firman is very confident that 2023, Bengok Craft could be even better, especially with the wish to expand its home decor products to the United States and Australia because both have a very potential market.

Bengok Craft’s participation in export activities is of course due to support from the government and related institutions, such as the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the Ministry of Trade, the Office of Industry and Trade, Bank Indonesia, and many more.

Bengok Craft’s active participation in export activities would certainly have a significant impact, both on the local community and even on Indonesia’s economic growth. Moreover, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector is one of the most important sectors in boosting Indonesia’s economic growth.

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