Firman Setyaji, CEO of Begok Craft, monitoring the drying of water hyacinths
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

It has entered the end of 2022, of course Bengok Craft has a resolution that hopes to achieve it in 2023. The new year is a new spirit which is certain that this resolution will become a meaningful story for Bengok Craft and its surroundings.

Like the philosophy brought by the CEO of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji, that “life is A Flame to Enlighten”, that life should actually benefit others. The more dreams or resolutions that Bengok Craft achieves in 2023, the more people would feel the impact.

As has happened throughout 2022, Bengok Craft has resurrected from the COVID 19 pandemic. Many orders have returned from various circles to make the economy stronger, such as the economic conditions of the Bengok Craft water hyacinth artisans, Their standard of living is increasing.

There is also a revival of the Bengok Craft in 2022 which will also have an impact on the condition of the waters in Rawa Pening which is increasingly maintained because the massive growth of water hyacinth is offset by harvesting to use raw materials for crafts.

Thus, what are the Bengok Craft’s Resolution to achieve by 2023 and how would be the impact?

  1. Human Resources Development
Bengok Craft’s Team with Founder Firman Setyaji (right) and Co-Founder Astaria (left)
Credit: Bengok Craft documentation

With the revival of Bengok Craft in 2022, as the Bengok Craft business continues to grow, we have to consider adding human resource requirements.

Of course, even though currently Bengok Craft already has two divisions, namely the production section which consists of artisans and tailors and marketing which consists of handling social media, website and marketplace, yet there is a need for additional human resources.

Firman, as the CEO of Bengok Craft, said he wanted to add resources to the Quality Control (QC), Research and Development (R&D), marketing, and distributor teams.

For the quality control section, currently it is still fully handled by Firman. The addition of resources to QC is very important because it ensures that quality is maintained after the craft has been created by the artisans. The Research and Development (R&D) team has become one of Firman’s dreams to be realized in 2023. So far, R&D has only been handled by his wife, Astaria. It was Astaria who designed the product designs from Bengok Craft according to market demand. This is essential to ensure that Bengok Craft products remain stylish and up-to-date or trendy. Especially now that Bengok Craft is always innovating its products, at least one new creation every month.

In terms of marketing, it is also still very much needed in 2023. Currently, Bengok Craft still manages his team for digital marketing. Even though his market share is wider with digital marketing, Firman still wants to add offline marketing. Moreover, in the coming year, Firman wants to expand his product specifically for corporate souvenirs. Therefore, it is necessary to add members to the marketing team to support Bengok Craft’s development.

Apart from that, Firman also expressed his desire to add resources to the distributor section. So far, Firman and his wife have been distributing Bengok Craft’s creations to their customers with the help of a courier service. in the future. Firman wants to have a separate team for distributors, so delivery of goods can be more optimal.

Of course, the addition of these resources will have a positive impact on the people around Rawa Pening where Bengok Craft is located. As a result, more jobs are created and boost local economy, especially around Semarang Regency.

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