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4. Teras Indonesia by IKEA

Sobat Bengok was interested in our Slipper Creation at Teras Indonesia by IKEA
Credit: personal Bengok Craft

Bengok Craft’s participation is not only limited to government institutions, but also large companies or corporations. Like Bengok Craft’s participation in Teras Indonesia which was organized by IKEA, one of the largest Swedish home furnishing companies.

Teras Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Cooperation and SME (Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises) supports SMEs in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, the presence of MSMEs here aims to assist them to compete globally and become world-class producers.

In each edition, IKEA always provides opportunities for MSMEs to display their products in the Teras Indonesia section, where local handicraft products from various regions in Indonesia are also promoted.

Previously, Bengok Craft had certainly gone through a selection and curation process before finally becoming one of the selected craft SMEs.

Bengok Craft has participated by displaying its products at IKEA Alam Sutera on 6-19 March 2022 and continuing at IKEA Jakarta Garden City on 20 March -20 April 2022.

After the Teras Indonesia Fair ended, Bengok Craft also received an appreciation certificate from IKEA for its participation in developing small-medium enterprises as they have already reached local products brought to the larger market.

With the opportunity to participate in Bengok Craft at IKEA, this is certainly an extraordinary experience for Begok Craft and thus becomes one of the 5 TOP events that Bengok Craft participated in.

5. UMKM Go Export Brilianpreneur

Bengok Craft is one of the 250 selected MSMEs who have the opportunity to take part in the peak of the UMKM Go Export Brilianpreneur 2022 event, which was an offline exhibition and awarding at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC Senayan). This was held on 14-18 December 2022. Bengok Craft together with other selected MSMEs had the opportunity to showcase their best creations directly there. By participating in this showcase, Bengok Craft would actually have a higher branding value and would be more widely known by the public.

This event was the peak event after previously on 6-8 December 2022 they had the opportunity to attend a virtual business matching with around 40 international buyers from 19 countries. With this virtual business matching, of course, MSMEs could communicate directly with buyers to offer their best products.

In the virtual business matching event, BRI as the organizer of the event had collaborated with the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Trade Attache (ATDAG) of the Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian Trade and Economic Office (IETO) and collaborated with BRI Overseas Network and BRI Representative Banks located abroad.

Before becoming the best 250 MSMEs who had the opportunity to exhibit offline at JCC and participate in business matching, Bengok Craft struggled first through a series of rigorous selection and curation processes from BRI. Previously, Bengok Craft also provided him with preparations through talkshows and webinars previously held by BRI with experts and practitioners in their fields. The process takes more than 1 month. Therefore, this achievement is a valuable experience for Bengok Craft and is included in the TOP 5 meaningful events for 2022.

These five events are the most meaningful in 2022, how about you?

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