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2. IFEMA Madrid in Spain

Bengok Craft presented at IFEMA Madrid Spain
Credit: personal Bengok Craft

Bengok Craft’s participation in the International Fashion, Footwear and Accessories Trade Show organized by IFEMA in Madrid in 2022 is an achievement unlocked for Bengok Craft because it was the first time that water hyacinth creations have been exported to Spain.

Bengok Craft’s participation in the event in Madrid was appointed by the Indonesian Trade and Promotion Center (ITPC) Barcelona as one of the representatives of MSMEs from Indonesia. It was positioned as a major international trade event, a showcase for new fashion collections, presentation of new brands, trends and business opportunities. Its selection of exhibitors, the large number of presentations and fashion shows on offer, make MOMAD an unmissable event in the fashion sector.

This huge international event was held for 3 days from 16-18 September 2022. The main creation displayed in this international exhibition was the Bengok Slipper, considering that this exhibition is a footwear exhibition.

Bengok Slipper was a special attraction at the IFEMA Madrid 2022 exhibition considering that the creations shown were very authentic, sandals made of water hyacinth.

This extraordinary achievement made it into the list of 1 of the 5 most meaningful events for Bengok Craft throughout 2022.

3. BI Jateng UMKM Gayeng

Bengok Craft creations presented at Curo, Singapore
Credit Instagram

The Representative Office (KPw) of Bank Indonesia (BI) of Central Java tries to encourage Central Java MSMEs to go international in an effort to restore the national economy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic through a series of UMKM Gayeng events. In this case, it is also supported by the Singapore representative office of Bank Indonesia.

This event presents talk shows, fashion shows, and MSME exhibitions.

Previously, Bengok Craft went through a selection or curation process through Bank Indonesia’s Central Java representative office. After being declared eligible, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to display its products in Singapore and Semarang. In Semarang, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to showcase its products at the Atrium Paragon Mall, Semarang City, from Tuesday 19 April 2022 to Sunday 24 April 2022 and Singapore at Suntec City Mall Singapore (North Atrium) from Monday 18 April 2022 to Sunday 24 April 2022.

Gayeng UMKM carries the theme Go GRANDE (Go Green, Sustainable, Digital and Export), through this event, hundreds of MSMEs were encouraged to take the class and penetrate the global market through increasing MSME capacity and other coaching programs.

Through this event, Bengok Craft could get access to expand its products in Singapore continuously in the future. This is the reason for becoming meaningful event for Bengok Craft.

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