The year 2022 will change to 2023. Throughout 2022, Bengok Craft has experienced many opportunities, events and moments that are certainly meaningful. The 2022 is the year of Bengok Craft’s rise from the downturn caused by the COVID 19 outbreak.

Therefore it’s no wonder, in 2022 there have been many events that have been held offline after previously being held all online. Thus, there are more opportunities for Bengok Craft to participate in offline events. Several events such as exhibitions, business matching, seminars and workshops have been held offline. Of course, all the events that Bengok Craft participated in throughout 2022 were very meaningful.

However, this time we summarize the TOP 5 Meaningful Events for Bengok Craft throughout 2022, which are as follows:

  1. In-Store Promotion and The Inspire Spice Show 2022 in Japan
Firman delivered products to Japan in preparation of In-Store Promotion in Kumamoto Prefecture
Credit: personal bengok craft

In 2022, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to expand its products through export activities in Japan. One of them was the opportunity to take part in the Tsuruya Department Store In-Store Promotion in Japan.

This event was supported by The Ministry of Trade through the Trade Representative (Tokyo Trade Attaché and ITPC Osaka) together with Bank Indonesia Tokyo held an In-store Promotion with one of the themes “INDONESIA FAIR”.

The event, which was held for 5 days from 27-April-1 May 2022 at Tsuruya Department Store, Event Hall 6th Floor, Kumamoto Prefecture, invited as many as 15 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the craft sector from Indonesia including Bengok Craft. INDONESIA FAIR is an integrated promotion with a Business to Consumer (B2C) concept where producers can sell their products directly to consumers. Of course, Bengok Craft’s participation in this event has gone through several very strict selection and curation processes because the products must meet the qualifications set by the organizers, especially since Japan is known for its attention to detail. Therefore, the creations that were brought must be of high quality.

Apart from the In-Store Promotion, Bengok Craft also had the second opportunity to take part in the Fair in Japan at The Inspire Spice Show 2022. The event was held on 18 October – 6 November 2022 at Konohana Kan’s office, Ryokuchikoen , Tsurumi Ward, Osaka. In its implementation, it is again supported by the International Trade and Promotion Center (ITPC) Osaka.

INSPIRE SPICE SHOW 2022, as the name implies, presented an exhibition of Indonesian spices in particular. Not only that, this Fair also displayed local creations from Indonesia, such as one of the creations of Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft’s participation in Fair activities in Japan for the 2nd time indicates the high interest of the Japanese people in local Indonesian creations, including water hyacinth crafts. This is what makes this event in Japan one of the five meaningful events for Bengok Craft.

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