The export business is currently growing rapidly. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), cumulatively, the value of Indonesia’s exports from January to September 2022 reached USD 219.35 billion. This export figure rose 33.49 percent compared to the same period in 2021. Meanwhile, non-oil and gas exports reached USD 207.19 billion, up 33.21 percent. The increasing number is not just happened as it is, yet of course more and more people are scaling up their export business so that they are more competitive in the global era.

The export business is basically the same concept as other businesses, namely trying to market products to consumers and wholesalers, but the difference is that the export business has different goals because exports are not marketed domestically, but abroad.

The export business concept is the same, namely with 3 concepts, namely product, marketing, and market. Products where there are products in goods or items to be sold or marketed to potential consumers/buyers. Meanwhile, marketing is a step taken by exporters in promoting their products to various channels, both offline such as exhibitions and online such as digital marketing. Meanwhile, market means that there is a target market that exporters want to target so that buyers are interested in buying goods promoted by exporters.

Apparently, this concept is very easy for some people. However, it is not necessarily able to increase the level of business since the scale up of the export business to be optimal in terms of product, marketing, and market, of course requires the following things:

1. Knowledge

Having basic and advanced knowledge about exports is certainly a fundamental in running an export business. These knowledges could be obtained through training organized by government and non-government institutions. Usually in supporting the recovery of the national economy, they quite often hold training, share knowledge about exports. However, it is possible that it could also be obtained self-taught, namely browsing through the internet, considering that the information spread in cyberspace is very varied and easily accessible. For those who have sufficient knowledge, of course, they would form a strategy regarding exports, what steps can be taken to optimize export activities. The steps planned through this strategy must of course be monitored further with debriefing activities and consultations by related parties in order to be more optimal.

2. Skill

“Skill” is the second thing in order to scale up the export business. This skill is of course a combination of soft skills and hard skills which could put the knowledge that has been gained into practice directly or in execution. Having knowledge but not putting it into practice is useless. An exporter must also dare to step in export activities. In carrying out its export business, of course, it often encounters various obstacles, both technical and non-technical issues. An exporter must have a strong behavior, be persistent, and not give up easily in running his export business so that the business continues to run and is able to solve problems. In addition, an exporter also needs assistance from the steps or realizations he does. Mentoring could be in the form of individuals from experts and mentors as well as from related institutions or organizations. This of course could support the export business to scale up and make the business develop!

References: 3 DAYS EXPORT TRAINING PROGRAM LED BY KANG MOHAN (Brilianpreneur 2022)

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