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Home is the most comfortable place we have ever lived in. Often facing fatigue after doing activities outside all day long and in the end also ended up at home. Therefore, the home must be made as comfortable as possible so that the home could be a place that we really look forward to after all activities.

Now modifying a house to make it more comfortable can be done in many ways, from determining the theme of the house, modifying the color of the house, to adding elements such as furniture.

Adding furniture to your home is the easiest thing to do since all you have to do is go to a furniture or homedecor store to purchase accessories, then you could bring them home and display them in certain corners of the room according to your preferences.

Especially now that there are many types of household furniture on the market, ranging from natural to non-natural materials.

However, currently household furniture made from natural materials is again becoming a preference for families, because its natural impression makes the feel of the house more calm and comfortable to look at. In addition, natural furniture is also suitable to be combined with natural furniture, giving rise to a contemporary impression in your home.

However, apparently choosing natural furniture should not be arbitrary, there are several things to consider when choosing natural household furniture/decorations.

One of them is about the material. Although natural, some materials need extra care, such as wood which is susceptible to termites. Therefore, before applying or placing additional decorations at home, you should pay close attention to the material.

Using water hyacinth-based home decor, such as for example, may be your consideration in choosing materials. The reason is, water hyacinth is basically an aquatic plant, so its durability is no longer in doubt when it is wet. You simply sunbathe it back to dry. Yes, even though the house has very little potential to get wet, but when a flood hits and you forget to evacuate them, this may be one of the considerations.

Another interesting thing about the advantages of water hyacinth if it is treated properly is that it is free from moldy. Often, water hyacinth becomes a problem when the material is easily moldy. However, when the water hyacinth is treated wisely beforehand, this could prevent it from becoming moldy.

Like the Bengok Craft creations whose main material is water hyacinth, we always prioritize the quality of our crafts, one of which is keeping the crafts from becoming moldy. Bengok Craft always applies some kind of liquid bleach before drying it so that the crafts we make are free of humidity which causes mold.

Thus, water hyacinth could be definetely a choice of natural materials when you want to apply natural home decor because of the advantages mentioned above.

How? Are you interested in applying it?

Reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft for more information. We are looking forward to you of course!

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