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Chancellor of Universitas Negeri Semarang (right) along with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME party (left) signed MOU
Credit: Kemenkopukm

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Enhancement of Companion Capacity

On the same occasion, the Deputy for Entrepreneurship of the KemenKopUKM Siti Azizah said, after the launching of NEW PLUT on January 26, 2022 in NTB, it is hoped that the KUMKM PLUT will immediately change programmatically to become a home for friendly KUMKM, which prioritizes consulting assistance for KUMKM, including co-working space especially among young people, therefore increasing the capacity of assistants in PLUT is currently absolutely not needed.

“We invite young people outside to join PLUT as well. We hope that this may increase the number of cooperatives and entrepreneurial MSMEs that obtain permits, access to marketing and access to financing,” said Siti Azizah.

The Head of the Central Java Cooperatives and UKM Office, Ema Rachmawati, said that Central Java Province currently has 9 KUMKM PLUTs consisting of eight regency/city PLUTs and one provincial PLUT. HR capacity building has been initiated since 2018 through competency certification for assistants so that they can have added value. “We also capture young people, because what we face is not only conventional MSMEs but also young people where they prefer to be called a local brand rather than MSME businessmen. Let’s say they work in t-shirts, we adjust them, we wear brown clothes that facilitate, those who wear t-shirts manage it. The shape is like co-working, don’t let the place become like co-working but the culture doesn’t change, that’s what we want to create after PLUT’s new branding,” Ema concluded.

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Writer: Public Relations of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs
Translator: Ritya Bilqiis

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