Right side is a Bengok Serut Bag
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Sobat Bengok, surely you already know about our unique and interesting creations. Bengok Craft does not only provide home decor and accessories, but also products for fashion.

Fashion products are currently growing with the times, people are starting to upgrade their fashion to be more contemporary and trendy. To make a more modern appearance, you don’t have to use completely modern products, but you may also combine them with traditional models/materials.

For example, one of Bengok Craft’s creations is called Bengok Serut Bag. This bag is one of the developments of Bengok Craft’s previous creation, namely the Bengok Bag Kupu Kupu.

The difference is that the Bengok Serut Bag looks more varied because there is a layer of cloth inside this water hyacinth handbag. This white cloth protects the objects in this bag so it is very safe. In addition, Bengok Serut, as the name implies, has a drawstring at the top of the bag so that it could be covered without worrying that things will fall out.

While the Bengok Kupu-Kupu Bag does not have a zipper or cover, so it is usually used as a bag instead, the Bengok Kupu-Kupu Bag is usually used more as a container for storing household things.

Uniquely, this 25 x 18 x 5 cm bag uses a different drawstring than usual. Instead of using cloth, for the drawstring material use threads made of natural fibers with the same color as the water hyacinth woven so that it aligns.

Even though the material is made from water hyacinth, this bag looks classic and ethnic,yet it is also fashionable because of the shape and model of the bag that is up to date. Very suitable for use when hanging out with friends.

By wearing this bag, you are participating in a campaign for using environmentally friendly products.

Grab it now, don’t let the stock out!

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet!

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