As many as dozens of students from MI PK Al-Ikhlas Tengaran were very active in participating in outing classes with Bengok Craft. The activities involve students to take part in handicraft making workshops. The handicraft workshop, which was held on Tuesday 20 December 2022, invited students to be creative in making accessories made from water hyacinth. Located at Daringan Kesongo Culture, a traditional dining place that not only offers special food but also captivating views because the location is surrounded by rice fields, swamps and mountains that are ready to spoil the eye.

Before the students practice the craft directly, they first arrived at the workshop location before the opening of the event by the Bengok Craft team.

Then, there was the appearance of the documentary video Bengok Craft, exploring the story of Bengok Craft’s struggle in building a community-based business and empowering the community.

Then, direct presentation of the material delivered by the Co Founder of Bengok Craft, namely Astaria, who explained the characteristics of water hyacinth and step by step about how to harvest water hyacinth to become a craft.

Asta also holds a quiz for students who dare to come forward and answer Asta’s questions.

Since then, the students were immediately invited by the Bengok Craft team to directly practice making water hyacinth crafts. They were divided into groups, with one person from Bengok Craft per group.

The students were very enthusiastic about being creative, many crafts were produced, from key chains to bracelets.

The Bengok Craft team seems to have succeeded in making them more creative, from those who previously had no experience in water hyacinth creations to knowing and succeeding in creating it.

After they were creative, the students were invited by the Bengok Craft team to explore the rice fields and do outbound around them. Participants then returned and took pics together before the event closed.

The Bengok Craft workshop is certainly such a pleasant experience for them.

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