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Bengok Hampers Bag matches perfectly with the decorations
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Giving the best gift in celebrating Christmas is a such a blessing in itself. Everyone strives with each other in providing the best for the people they love.

Giving gifts in celebrating Christmas may vary. For example, what is currently on trend in its time, hampers.

Hampers is a word that comes from English with the meaning “basket”. This term refers more to baskets that have a woven shape that is used to carry food or goods with a size that is quite large in their country of origin. However, it turns out that almost has a different meaning in the Americas.

The people in that area interpret hampers as baskets that are used as a place to put clothes to be washed. Even though they have different meanings in the two countries, the term actually refers to the container used, namely the basket. So, if you want to give a gift that is arranged in a basket, both goods, food and drinks, the term used is hamper.

In Indonesia, hampers are now an alternative when giving gifts at certain moments, such as Eid, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and others.

Therefore, the contents in the hampers can vary, not only limited to food and drinks, but also objects in the household such as household furniture, crafts, accessories, and many more.

Selecting hampers for your Christmas celebration could be more meaningful through shops providing special souvenirs which are now more and more available.

However, you could consider Bengok Craft as one of the best Christmas souvenir providers. Bengok Craft, one of the popular handicraft industries in Semarang Regency, provides Hampers Bags that carry unique, ethnic, and also rustic values.

This is since the material is made from natural materials, namely water hyacinth. So far, water hyacinth has been considered a weed. However, we are able to turn them into useful craft items like Hampers Bag.

Hampers Bag from Bengok Craft could increase the value of the gift. How could it not be, environmental issues are currently on trending in all societies. Using environmentally friendly products remains a wise choice.

Giving natural hampers to loved ones is expected to influence them towards the same thing, namely as a campaign for using products that go green.

Bengok Hampers Bag is a bag that is suitable for your Christmas souvenir needs. The woven water hyacinth surrounds it to form a semi-rectangular bag. Also added elements such as clear plastic on the front of the hampers bag so that the contents of the hamper look clearly and eye-catchy. Apart from that, it is also accompanied by a strip of cloth bags and cloth in hampers which are bone white in color, making it harmony with the hampers.

 Bengok Hamper Bag is available in 2 sizes, small bag and medium bag. The small bag with its size is 27cm x 7cm x 20cm, while the medium bag is 37cm x 15cm x 23cm.

You may customize these hampers with interesting fillings according to your request to us.

Grab them fast and don’t let the stock out!

Kindly reach us bengok craft on our instagram @bengokcraft

We are looking forward and Merry Christmas Sobat Bengok!

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