In welcoming the arrival of Christmas 2022, the Mountainview International School Salatiga held a Christmas Bazaar. This event held a series of events including cultural performance and local bazaar. The event was held in the school hall on Friday, 16 December 2022. The participants in the event were students and families who were present to enliven the event. A number of local and international art performances were also held considering that the school accommodates quite a number of international students.

To add to the euphoria of the event, the school also invited Micro-Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from Salatiga and its surroundings. Meanwhile, food and beverage stands were also present to facilitate residents of Mountainview.

Apart from that, you are able to see handicraft stands, such as Bengok Craft.

Bengok Craft is one of the people’s businesses that processes water hyacinth into various useful creations.

There are creations displayed there such as accessories for bracelets and key chains, books, sandals, handbag, and many more.

After the event, the participants at the school could buy water hyacinth souvenirs to take home.

Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft said on (12/17) that his creations were quite attractive to students.

“We really appreciate the school for giving us the opportunity to introduce our water hyacinth creations to students,” said Firman.

This is still one theme with the theme at Christmas bazaar, that is to introduce and represent our diverse culture. Water hyacinth is a local wisdom or a characteristic of Rawa Pening. The students are expected to be able to dig deeper into the origins of this water hyacinth craft, not just limited to its physical creations.

The bazaar would open at 4 pm and the highlight of the event would be at 6 pm with the Christmas Concert.

The event ended after the closing by christmas concert. The participants looked happy after the event was part of the pre-Christmas celebration.

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