Astaria, the co-founder of Bengok Craft (right) took a pict along with a customer who engaged with Bengok Slipper
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Bengok Craft participated in the UMKM EXPORT BRILIANPRENEUR 2022 event. One part of this event was inviting 500 SMEs from all over Indonesia to display and promote their products at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan on 14-18 December 2022. Around 250 of them were invited directly along with the owners.

Bengok Craft is one of the SMEs from Semarang Regency who passed the curation of the 2022 Export Brilliantpreneur UMKM. Firman Setyaji and his wife Astaria Eka Santi were present in person at JCC to participate in the largest MSME exhibition from BRI.

Firman told the Bengok Craft team on (12/17) that quite a number of visitors were interested in adopting his craft. In fact, there are also crafts that are in great demand for visitors there.

“For our best-selling creations during this Brilianpreneur there are slippers and bracelets,” said Firman.

Firman also added that water hyacinth slippers made by Bengok Craft are indeed trending among young people, apart from being trendy but also classic and ethnic, they are easy to carry anywhere because they are light.

The bracelet is the best-selling because it offers water hyacinth bracelets with cute beads. Affordable prices are also one of the reasons many visitors purchased water hyacinth bracelets.

“Bracelets at affordable prices, one customer might purchase a lot at once because it is for souvenirs for their colleagues and family,” said Firman.

“Those who purchased our best-selling creations vary, from children to adults, since our creations almost fit to all ages,” Firman added.

For those of you who are interested in Slipper and Bracelet crafts from Bengok Craft, you can still buy them online through the marketplace or Whatsapp Bengok Craft even though the UMKM Export Brilianpreneur 2022 event has ended.

By purchasing Bengok Craft’s creation, you’ve participated to support a better environment and community development.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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