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Bengok Craft in its obvious steps to develop its business has participated in various events such as workshops, competitions, expos, and many more. One of them is his participation in participating in UMKM EXPORT BRILIANPRENEUR 2022 event

This is not an ordinary participation since this time Bengok Craft is competing with around 1,317 Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from BRI assisted communities, institutions and related ministries to become one of the 500 MSMEs that have passed to take part in this prestigious event.

This event is held on 14-18 December 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC Senayan). Bengok Craft together with other selected MSMEs have the opportunity to showcase their best creations directly there. By participating in this showcase, their creations would actually have a higher branding value and will be more widely known by the public.

This event is the peak event after previously on 6-8 December 2022 they had the opportunity to attend a virtual business matching with around 40 international buyers from 19 countries. With this virtual business matching, of course, MSMEs can communicate directly with buyers to offer their best products.

In the virtual business matching event, BRI as the organizer of the event has collaborated with the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Trade Attache (ATDAG) of the Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian Trade and Economic Office (IETO) and collaborated with BRI Overseas Network and BRI Representative Banks located abroad.

Firman Setyaji, the owner of Bengok Craft, said on (12/14) that before participating in this business matching, his water hyacinth products were first selected through curation.

“Yes, the curation carried out by the curator is very strict by not only considering quality but also quantity, because in the future when exporting we must be prepared to order in large quantities,” Firman added.

Apart from that, he added that other things that need to be considered when curating are material aspects, product originality, packaging standards, value added through innovation, production techniques and social impact.

Firman and his team are certainly relieved since their own business is indeed sustainable by paying attention to environmental and social aspects. The high-value water hyacinth business is considered capable of solving environmental problems in Rawa Pening because water hyacinth, which is considered a pest, has turned into a craft.

From a social perspective, Firman was able to empower local residents around the area, who previously only worked as fishermen, now thanks to orders from Bengok Craft they are able to become skilled craftsmen, therefore, their standard of living has also increased.

It’s not surprising that the crafts produced are very varied, as seen at the UMKM Export Brilianpreneur event. You may see handicrafts such as sandals, cellphone cases, handbags, sling bags, tote bags, hats, bracelets that look appealing on display.

In the UMKM Export Brilianpreneur 2022, there are many events that would enliven this big event, such as Talkshow “Ngobrol Bisnis” and “Ngobrol Pintar“, “Dari Lokal Jadi Kece” appearance, Nusantarasa, Cerita Wastra, Tiba Tiba Shopping, Press Conference, Yuk Berkreasi, and many more.

Furthermore, it is also enlivened by guest stars such as artists and singers Ari Lasso, Anneth Delliecia, and many more. The hosts for this event were guided by Indra Herlambang and Rory Asyari.

For the peak event of UMKM Export Brilianpreneur 2022 which is open to the public, visitors are able to come directly to the Venue. Otherwise, they may also watch live streaming on and BRI’s Official Youtube.

The virtual exhibition itself will be held from 1-30 December 2022 through the website

The UMKM Export Brilianpreneur 2022 is one of the steps taken by State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) through Bank BRI so that MSMEs are able to level up. Thus, MSMEs are able to market their products globally through exports. This annual event, which has been held since 2019, is able to bring MSMEs to various countries through meetings between sellers and buyers. Relevant ministries also participated in supporting this event such as the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and the Ministry of Trade.

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