Regional Development Planning, Research and Development Agency (BAPPEDA) along with Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Central Java fully supports entrepreneurs to innovate and implement technology through Dissemination of Technology Innovation with the theme “Optimization of local potential based on technological innovation”.

In the event, BAPPEDA invited a resource person from a Small and Medium Enterprise who was considered capable of implementing technology as part of their local business development.

That is Firman Setyaji as the speaker in the dissemination activity in the form of a talk show.

This event took place on Saturday, 26 November 2022 at 08:30 am until finished.

Taking place at Banyumili Resto, Semarang Regency, the event was opened by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya along with reciting prayers. Furthermore, there was a briefing and opening remarks by the head of BAPPEDA Prov. Central Java Ir. Agung Tejo Prabowo, MM, Commission E of the Provincial DPRD Mr. Abdul Hamid, S.Pd.I, and Commission C of the Provincial DPRD Mr. H. M. Hendri Wicaksono.

After the remarks were over, now it was Firman Setyaji’s turn from Bengok Craft to present his material on optimizing local potential based on technological innovation moderated by Mr. Moh. Asrofi S.Pd.I.

Firman shared his stories and experiences regarding the local potential in his area, namely the utilization of water hyacinth into various crafts. He is able to process waste into blessings.

Water hyacinth is often considered as a weed that interferes with the survival of living things in the environment around the Swamp. But thanks to his brilliant idea, Firman is considered to have participated in environmental conservation.

In developing his business, Firman also utilizes technology as a means of disseminating his target market.

“Since the time of the pandemic, we have been forced to look for alternatives in marketing our creations, one of which is through online because during the pandemic not many people traveled,” said Firman to the Bengok Craft team on (11/24).

Firman utilizes digital marketing in his business such as social media and copywriting so that he could reach more potential customers compared to manual or offline marketing.

Firman considered that the impact on the sustainability of his business was increasingly being felt. Until now, his business has been able to survive, showing his capability in managing his business by involving technology.

The presentation of the Word was followed by discussion and question and answer by the dissemination participants and continued with closing.

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