Pengunjung sedang melihat pameran foto di Tanasurga Resto Salatiga, Minggu (28/11/2022).
A visitor was viewing a photo exhibition at Tanasurga Resto Salatiga, Sunday (28/11/2022). (CENTRAL TRIBUN/HANES WALDA MUFTI)

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SALATIGA – The various potentials in Lake Rawapening have never been thoroughly discussed.

This potential is a special attraction for swamps such as natural wealth, the economy of local residents, the development of the lake, to the revitalization that is currently being carried out.

Located at Tanasurga Resto Salatiga, the storytellers presented Rawapening as a whole in an exhibition entitled Rawapening Masa Gini.

There are four storytellers who tell the story of Rawapening, namely Chandra Firmansyah, Lutfi Akmal, Ratu Haiu Dianee, and Tri Wahyu Prasetyo.

Chandra Firmansyah said that with a background in photography, he does not limit himself to various mediums to tell stories about Lake Rawapening.

“Therefore in this exhibition, we apply mixed media ranging from zines, paintings, journals, and photos to tell the story in Rawapning.”

“Especially those related to the environment,” said Candra to, Monday (28/11/2022).

By holding this exhibition, it could invite visitors to be more sensitive to the environment.

The exhibition also included discussions involving Titi Permata (environmental activist), Firman Setyaji from Bengok Craft, and Budiman, a resident who lives on the outskirts of Lake Rawapening.

In addition, Titi Permata added, Rawapening is included in 15 priority lakes in Indonesia, making various revitalization policies that are currently being carried out and being observed.

“Don’t just think about the humans, there are many ecosystems that have been built in Rawapening,” said Titi to, Monday (28/11/2022).

According to her, if Rawapening only focuses on physical development, revitalization would not be concerned with other creatures.

“This is dangerous for the Rawapening environment, an imbalance may occur,” she said.

The imbalance is the absence of endemic animals that usually appear.

“From the reports of several fishermen, what is starting to disappear is the wader ray type fish.”

“This means there are problems around endemic animals,” she said.

She hopes that the revitalization will be carried out with in-depth research and observation, so that healthy waters are able to be created in Rawapening.

“It’s healthy for the ecosystem, it’s also healthy for the people so that it could have an economic impact that makes them prosperous,” she said. (*)

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