Credit: – Kultura Laboratory in collaboration with Tanasurga Organic and LPM DinamikA held an exhibition and discussion event with the theme ‘Rawa Pening Masa Gini’ held at Tanasurga Resto and Cafe, Sunday (27/11/2022).

Chandra Firmansyah, as the initiator of the idea, said that the theme for this exhibition was made based on the current environmental conditions of Rawa Pening. “For the theme of the exhibition, I raised the current environmental conditions in Rawa Pening and focused more on environmental damage there,” he said.

The purpose of this event is to inform the public about various environmental problems in Rawa Pening. “At least you know, Rawa Pening has a lot of problems, not only sundown, dusk, and railroads,” he continued.

Furthermore, the discussion held on Sunday discussed the Government’s Rawa Pening revitalization program.

This discussion presented three speakers, Titi Permata, an environmental activist, Firman Setya, the owner of Bengok Craft, and Budiman, a resident of the Rawa Pening coast.

Budiman, as a coastal community in Rawa Pening, said he agreed with the revitalization program. “As long as it doesn’t harm people’s property rights, especially the impact,” said Budiman.

In addition, as an environmental activist, Titi Permata said about the current condition of Rawa Pening. “Currently, Rawa Pening’s visual condition is better. Because after all, if the waters are not covered with weeds it is better,” she said.

Titi also hopes that Rawa Pening will return to being a basin that holds a lot of fresh water. “Hopefully the Rawa Pening would return to being a basin that holds a lot of fresh water because in the future there would be a water crisis,” she hoped.

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Translator: Ritya Bilqiis

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