Bengok Craft displayed its creations at Borobodur, in an event of UNESCO along with Citibank Indonesia
Credit: Instagram Story @bengokcraft

In order to support the economy for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Borobudur and its surroundings, UNESCO together with MSME Fair on 25 November 2022.

Located in the area around the Borobudur temple, as many as dozens of MSMEs displayed their best creations and products there. As for those participating, MSMEs from the craft, arts, and food and beverage clusters.

The fair was open from morning to evening local time and this Fair was open to the public.

While walking around Borobudur, visitors may stop by the UMKM stand to glance at and buy the best local creations and products.

For MSME tenants in this fair, of course, they have gone through a selection and curation process from UNESCO and Citibank Indonesia.

Bengok Craft, for example, is one of the MSMEs from Semarang Regency who had the opportunity to take part in this Fair.

As for the creations displayed by Bengok Craft, they are authentic to Semarang Regency, namely water hyacinth crafts.

The crafts Bengok Craft produces are very creative, such as bags, bracelets, sandals, cellphone cases, and home-decor creations that are very charming to every eye that glances toward them.

Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft on (11/26) said that to participate in this fair, of course the products on show must be of good quality.

Therefore, Firman encouraged SMEs, especially those around the Borobudur area, to continue to innovate and improve the quality of their products.

“If the quality of the product is good, the customer will be happier and more and more will offer cooperation for product exhibitions,” Firman added.

Even though Firman has implemented it so that his products always have good quality, Firman also hopes for both parties that in the future this Fair will always exist and be sustainable so that MSMEs always get full support from organization and institutions for their existence in this uncertain time, especially in the year In the future there will be a global economic recession.

The MSME Fair program from UNESCO and Citibank Indonesia around Borobudur is of course very supportive, in addition to preserving cultural heritage, as well as preserving local MSME products which are currently one of the pillars of economic growth in Indonesia.

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