Many corporations and institutions definitely need corporate souvenirs, whether given to invited guests or employees. Souvenirs from the company can also determine the image of the company. Therefore, the selection of souvenirs must be carefully planned both in terms of material and functionality.

There are quite a lot of souvenir choices in the market, both local and imported. Considering local products as souvenirs for corporations and institutions is very appropriate in order to grow pride in products made in the country.

This is what BNI Semarang Branch Office did. They entrusted the provision of 50 souvenir packages for its guests. The package contains 50 hampers bags, 50 A6 books, and 50 bracelets. Each bracelet and book are put in a hamper bag so that it looks more charming, resulting in 50 packages souvenirs.

Firman Setyaji, as the owner of Bengok Craft, said on (11/24) that Bengok Craft had completed the order from the bank on Wednesday, 16 November 2022.

“Yes, thanks to the support from the production team, we are able to complete orders in a tight timeline,” said Firman.

This package is not an ordinary souvenir package because the material for the souvenir is made 100% from natural materials, namely water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth that has been harvested from Rawa Pening and then dried under the sun is processed in such a way as handmade by local craftsmen of Kesongo Village, resulting in creations that are ethnic, unique, and also rustic.

Bank BNI Semarang branch office thus supports environmental preservation in Rawa Pening while also supporting community development for local craftsmen.

Thank you for your support, BNI Semarang branch office!

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