For students, participating in outdoor activities outside the classroom is certainly fun for them, especially if they afford an unforgettable experience. Unforgettable experiences are obtained when the experience is very interesting and they have never done it before.

This is what is experienced by students from SMP Karangturi Semarang. As many as 40 students, the majority from grade 7, took part in their unforgettable outdoor activities at Daringan Kesongo Culture Semarang. The outdor activity was the Bengok Craft Workshop, where they had the opportunity to directly make water hyacinth crafts from Bengok Craft, one of the creative businesses that facilitates the local community of Rawa Pening to work through making water hyacinth crafts.

The activity started with watching the documentary Bengok Craft together. The students are very serious to watch it. Afterwards, the students received material from the Bengok Craft team regarding the procedures for making water hyacinth crafts, starting from harvesting, cleaning, drying, sorting, flattening, to making crafts with certain techniques.

After that, the middle class students were allowed to directly practice making water hyacinth crafts.

The students were very enthusiastic to practice it. They directly flattened  the dried hyacinth to make it into a craft. The crafts they produced include creations of books, memos, bracelets, and key chains.

Making water hyacinth creations directly in the middle of rice fields, swamps, and mountains certainly makes them such an unforgettable experience.

The water hyacinth creations they make could also be brought home as souvenirs. Meanwhile, if students are interested in other water hyacinth creations, they were allowed to purchase the Bengok Craft creations that are displayed at Daringan Kesongo Culture.

The activity continued with the students being invited by the Bengok Craft team to explore the rice fields around the workshop location before the workshop session was finally over. Many students enjoy walking through the rice fields by capturing the moment with selfies.

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