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In its support for SMEs to increase their level, the Ministry cooperates with State-owned Enterprises and large companies in the framework of cooperation in expanding the supply chain. This event was held on Thursday, 24 November 2022 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Smesco Jakarta Building – Exhibition Hall.

This event was initiated by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the Ministry of Investment, and the Ministry of Industry. By also presenting 17 SOEs, 2 large companies namely Gramedia and Hypermart, and as many as 850 SMEs from all over Indonesia, this event increased the opportunities for partnership among them. Later, SMEs and cooperatives would haveve convenient access to supply their products/creations to state-owned enterprises and large businesses which of course have wider access to the global market.

Bengok Craft is one SME that was also invited by the Ministry of Cooperatives as one of the potential handicraft industry UKM representatives. The Bengok Craft representative was attended by the owner of the Bengok Craft, namely Firman Setyaji. Firman at the event also conveyed his hopes to the Kemenkop in a question and answer session so that this event could be realized in the future, such as Bengok Craft’s wish to supply water hyacinth crafts in the form of souvenirs for state-owned enterprises and large businesses.

Firman’s hope is certainly not wishful thinking, because now his efforts have been trusted by institutions and the government to provide souvenirs, such as Bank Indonesia, BNI, to the Provincial Government of Central Java.

In this partnership event, a memorandum of understanding and ministry cooperation contract was signed between SMEs and State-owned Enterprises. In addition, presentations were also held by BUMN such as Pertamina, PLN, Pindad, INKA, and many more on the partnership program and the potential for SME products to enter the supply chain of BUMN and large businesses. Each of them presented plans and strategies for inclusive MSME products.

Not only holding meetings and signing collaborations, this event also provides a consultation room that brings together SMEs to partner with BUMN and large companies, resulting in profitable collaboration.

With this series of events, of course, the level of SMEs would increase, since they have wider access to supply their products and of course have great potential in the global market.

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