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Rawa Pening is currently faced with both good news as well as bad news. Revitalization of Rawa Pening by changing Rawa Pening to be more attractive has been carried out. However, unfortunately this must be faced at the same time as the uncertainty in the condition of Rawa Pening. The accumulation of waste such as plastic, as well as the still massive growth of water hyacinth, has made Rawa Pening’s condition even more concerning.

If you don’t get special attention, the impact would be even worse. The public also seems not too concerned about this condition.

In order to increase public awareness of the existence of Rawa Pening, Kultura Laboratory together with Tanasurga Organic and Klik Dinamika held a Visual Storytelling exhibition entitled “Rawa Pening Masa Kini Gini”.

This exhibition is held for 2 days, from 26-27 November 2022. Located at Tanasurga Organic Cafe, Jl. Sidomulyo, Sidomukti District, Salatiga, this exhibition displays visuals in the form of pictures affixed to walls and door glass regarding Rawa Pening and its surroundings. Visitors to this exhibition are expected to be more engaged with Rawa Pening with the stories presented through this visualization. Pervading until the meaning arises that Rawa Pening is an asset that must be preserved.

This exhibition also presents Discussion of Work from each storyteller on Saturday, 26 November 2022 and continued with a Discussion on Sunday, 27 November 2022.

Environmental activists and other resource persons would attend, such as Candra Firmansyah, Tri Wahyu Prasetyo, Hedwig Ratu, Lutfi Akhmad, LPM Dinamika, and Bengok Craft.

Bengok Craft is a creative venture from Semarang Regency which plans to be a guest speaker at the discussion event this coming Sunday.

As for the guest speaker, Firman Setyaji, Founder of Bengok Craft, who would like to share with the participants about his journey to solving the Rawa Pening problem so that it becomes a blessing in itself.

One proverb that would describe the discussion on Sunday is, “Life is a Flame to Enlighten.” Look forward to the continuation of the story by joining the discussion in this event!

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