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The Indonesian export financing institution (LPEI) collaborates with influencers to promote SME products that are displayed at Sarinah. This could be seen in the Instagram stories uploaded on Saturday, 19 November 2022 by influencers such as Richa Iskak (@richaiskak), Ichal Muhammad (@ichalmuhammad91), and Nita Nurul (@nitanurul).

Ichal Muhammad, one of the influencers was seen visiting the Bengok Craft stand in the arts and crafts cluster at Sarinah. He was seen trying on the Bengok Hat and Bengok Jacket, which are crafts wrapped in Bengok Craft’s signature fashion.

Bengok Craft is one of the curated SMEs, therefore, it was chosen by Sarinah to display their creations there. Not without reason, Bengok Craft produces creations made from nature that are modern yet still ethnique. The selected material is water hyacinth. Water hyacinth, which has been considered a weed, could be processed in such a way by Bengok Craft to produce high-value handicrafts. Furthermore, Bengok Craft has also expanded its creations to various countries such as Japan, UAE, Singapore, to Italy and Spain.

Firman Setyaji as the business owner of Bengok Craft on (11/19) said that both Sarinah and Indonesia Eximbank had helped their business to survive both during the pandemic and post-pandemic.

“Yes, Sarinah and Eximbank encourage us to go global by expanding export market access,” added Firman.

Indonesia Eximbank or LPEI has been in synergy with Sarinah since 2021. Indonesia Eximbank is reported to have provided Sarinah with 50 billion funds to support curated SMEs so that they could meet the demands of overseas buyers. As a curator, PT Sarinah (Persero) is committed to marketing SME products to the global market. One of the strategies that would be carried out is to establish duty free cooperation with global companies so that later Indonesian local products could be sold in international duty free networks.

With this stimulus for Sarinah, it is hoped that more SMEs would be assisted so that their products able to expand to the global market. In addition, it also expands market access to the global so that more and more elements of society reachable by local products.

For SMEs, of course they have to be more prepared with this expansion of access. Of course, they have to prepare their best products through a series of selection processes such as curation. Curation certainly considers product quality, product design, and also product diversification. Sarinah only accepts curated products that are suitable for export.

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