Firman Setyaji (right) hand over 132 souvenir packages to BI representative (left)
Credit: Instagram Story @bengokcraft

The continuation of Bank Indonesia’s collaboration with Bengok Craft seems to be getting closer. After previously holding a meeting with Commission XI of the DPR where Bengok Craft became one of the representatives of SMEs assisted by Bank Indonesia, this time, Bank Indonesia trusted Bengok Craft to provide water hyacinth souvenirs.

The Statistics Department of Bank Indonesia has ordered 132 souvenir packages from Bengok Craft and they were successfully delivered on 19 November 2022 yesterday.

The packages ordered by them consisted of several variants of Bengok Craft’s water hyacinth creations, such as wallets, books, memos, handbags, slingbags, and totebags.

Each one is wrapped in an exclusive hamper box from Bengok Craft.

When Firman Setyaji met on (11/19) at the Gumaya Tower Hotel, he revealed that he was relieved to be able to complete the large order target in a timely manner.

“Of course this is also because there is support from the craftsmen and also apprentice students so that we can complete many orders in a short time,” added Firman.

Aside from the resource aspect, Firman revealed that this express order also required the availability of the main material, namely water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth which is a craft, of course, goes through several processes such as harvesting, cleaning, drying, flaking, and the process of making it into a craft by artisans.

Luckily, even though the weather was still uncertain, Firman and the team had prepared more dried water hyacinth beforehand so that the availability of dried water hyacinth was still sufficient for making souvenirs for Bank Indonesia.

This hampers package order from the Bank Indonesia Statistics Department is certainly very helpful for SMEs in their sustainability during this transitional period. By ordering local creations, we also support local products, fostering a sense of pride in those made in Indonesia, so that we are able to compete with non-local creations.

Thank you, Statistics Department of Bank Indonesia!

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