Sahitya Community members had a photo session with Ms. Anna, the speaker of Community Dinamics and Cooperation Workshop.
Credit: Instagram @kelompoksahitya

In the world of entrepreneurship, soft skills are definitely needed, the ability to cooperate. The collaboration discussed includes issues on how to map needs, set goals, and determine group expectations, as well as steps to achieve it all. Cooperation therefore requires several roles to be present to discuss and escalate this matter. But unfortunately, there are often differences of opinion between one member and another so that it is difficult to find a middle point in collaborative efforts.

Thus, it is necessary to apply a strategy in implementing cooperation.

This is what makes the Sahitya Community hold a workshop to unite dreams with differences with the theme “Group Dynamics & Cooperation”. This workshop was held on Wednesday, 16 November 2022 from 9 am to 2 pm.

Taking place at Daringan Kesongo Culture, the Sahitya Community invited Ms. Anna Setyarini as the speaker for this workshop. She served as Chairman of the UKM Center Kab. Semarang for the 2022-2025 period as well as a member of HARPRI Kab. Semarang. Apart from that, she is also involved in the processing of patchwork waste “Beautiful Patches”, which has various types of patchwork mats, hot placemats, patchwork placemats, Cempal, and others.

In its implementation, members of the Sahitya Community gained insights into aspects of group dynamics & cooperation.

The aspects referred to include maintaining the integrity of the group, building leaders and rotating leaders, getting to know the roles of group members and duties, and group meetings.

After the presentation of the material, the members of the Sahitya Community were also given time to ask the speakers and share their opinions regarding group dynamics and cooperation.

The Sahitya Community is a subsistence group-based Inclusive Economic and Financial Development program formed by Bank Indonesia and Bengok Craft in July 2022. It is an active community that focuses on improving the skills of the people around Rawa Pening, including both businessmen and enthusiasts to be more competitive. Bank Indonesia is present as a bridge for youth through SMEs and communities to have synergy in realizing tourism based on local wisdom.

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