Bengok Jacket found at Laseko Semarang
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Visiting Lawang Sewu, one of the historic buildings in Semarang, feels incomplete without visiting the souvenir center in Lawang Sewu.

Yes, besides offering tourist attractions, Lawang Sewu also provides a center for authentic Semarang souvenirs at Lawang Sewu Koopwaar or commonly known as Laseko Semarang. Carrying the tagline #bukancinderamatabiasa or not ordinary souvenirs, Laseko Semarang provides varied handicraft souvenirs. You can find almost everything here.

Bengok Craft, a water hyacinth craft business, is one of the brands available at Laseko Semarang. Bengok Craft itself provides handicrafts from weed plants in the form of tote bags, handbags, jackets, books, hats, and many more.

By carrying out ethnic, unique and rustic crafts, it also adds value to the crafts from Bengok Craft. With the universal natural color of water hyacinth, it is very suitable as souvenirs for travelers who are visiting the Lawang Sewu area.

Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft told the Bengok Craft team (11/13) that his water hyacinth craft is in great demand by visitors, both local and foreign tourists.

“We just stocked up on the availability of our crafts at Laseko last Thursday because our crafts were selling well there,” said Firman. Firman added that in the future, he would always add stock in preparation for the Christmas and New Year holidays some time to come.

Laseko is in Lawang Sewu Semarang, to be precise in Building B8, open from 8 am to 8 pm. For those of you who are choosing a tourist destination for the Christmas and New Year holidays, Lawang Sewu may be one of the best choices. While traveling, you may visit Laseko to buy Bengok Craft creations available there. By purchasing our creations, you’ve participated to support a better environment and community development.

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