Outing classes could be implemented in various ways. Outing classes are also not always monotonous and must be related to learning activities for students. Instead, outing classes could be filled by finding new and different ways to create a more enjoyable experience.

As was done by students from SMA Negeri 3 Semarang, one of the best high schools in Central Java province. As many as 400 students from class X took part in an outing class with Bengok Craft entitled Bengok Craft Workshop on Wednesday, 9 November 2022.

Taking place at Daringan Kesongo Culture, the students took part in this different outing class activity. The students took part in the outing with the main lesson being making water hyacinth crafts. The first activity carried out was showing documentary video of Bengok Craft, in which the journey of this water hyacinth craft business was told visually.

The workshop activity was continued by the presentation of material on the characteristics of water hyacinth and the procedures for making handicrafts. This material was delivered by the Founder of Bengok Craft and Co-founder, Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi.

The Bengok Craft team explained that the making of water hyacinth begins with harvesting water hyacinth around the swamp. After that, the water hyacinth is cleaned of adhering mud. The next step, he explained that it was necessary to dry the water hyacinth that had been cleaned earlier. Drying is carried out over a period of several days depending on the weather at that time. The hotter it is, the faster the drying process will be. Conversely, the less hot the sun, the longer the drying time.

After drying, the crafts are sorted and flattened using semi-traditional tools before finally being created into crafts. His party also explained that the techniques used to make water hyacinth crafts varied, ranging from weaving techniques, knitting techniques, and others.

After the presentation of the theoretical material, it is now the turn of the students and accompanying teachers to practice making handicrafts directly.

The students seemed enthusiastic to turn the weeds into useful items.

Bracelet from water hyacinths by @v.tharxy_
Credit: Intagram story @bengokcraft

One of the workshop participants, reported from the Instagram account story @v.tharxy_ was seen showing off his water hyacinth creations in the form bracelets. Yes, indeed many students make bracelets as their creations since making bracelets is not too complicated like other water hyacinth creations.

After making water hyacinth crafts, the students had the opportunity to explore the rice fields around the workshop location. Spreading views of the rice fields with the mountains that surround it make the experience more enjoyable. After walking through the rice fields, the students returned to Daringan to dine in together and closed with a group photo session.

Before going home, students might also buy Bengok Craft crafts that were displayed there. The price offered is also affordable.

Of course, this outing activity is a unique and different experience because they have never done the practice of making water hyacinth crafts while studying in high school.

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