Bengok Slipper became top product of the week at CARInih
Credit: Instagram @carinih

Bengok Slipper is indeed a product that is in demand by many people, both children and adults. Besides being light and practical, these sandals from Bengok Craft are also environmentally friendly since the material is 100% natural, one of which is water hyacinth.

No doubt this sandal is a top product both weekly and monthly. After being at Shopee, Bengok Slipper has become the top product at Carinih, is a technology-based marketplace that provides solutions for Business, especially SMEs in running their business, including the implementation of online and offline transactions between Businessmen, Community, and related Ecosystem parties through CARInih Apps.

The Bengok Slipper which is the top weekly product is the Double Slipper type, where this sandal has a characteristic that there are 2 slippers attached, namely on the finger side and the leg side. This slipper is perfect for outdoor activities such as hanging out, shopping, even climbing. This is because the material is sturdy so it is very suitable in various terrains, both rocky and muddy. This sandal is also anti-slippery because it is equipped with a high-quality rubber layer, so it is not dangerous.

These sandals are available in various sizes from children to adults. For the slipper types, there are not only double slipper, but also X Slipper, Jepit Slipper, Wiro Slipper, and others. You may get this top Bengok Caft product in a marketplace like this Carinih app.

Carinih app can be your reference when shopping for local products, because with CARInih everything could be simple. Download CARInih on Google Play and the App Store.

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