Bengok Craft, one of the TOP 10 finalists in Community Link Program by CIMB Niaga
Credit: Instagram

The Bengok Craft team continues to develop the best for its local business, one of which is through competition. This time, Bengok Craft was chosen as the 10 finalists for the Community Link # JadiNyata 2022. This program is a program from CIMB Niaga which is committed to providing the best service for the people of Indonesia. “From the community, with the community, and for the community” is the tagline carried in this CIMB Niaga program.

Through the Community Link Program which focuses on economic, social and environmental aspects, CIMB Niaga invites the active involvement of customers and/or communities throughout Indonesia to contribute in providing solutions to social issues that occur in Indonesia, in order to create an empowered Indonesia.

Of course, becoming the 10 finalists of Community Link is not easy for Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft first listed its social ideas through the website in the period 5 -30 September 2022. The social ideas include background problems, market potential, ideas/solutions, competitor analysis, current conditions, development plans, program success indicators, and support needed .

Bengok Craft as an embodiment of social ideas in dealing with problems that exist in Kesongo Village certainly has many values raised. The first is Bengok Craft as a people’s business that empowers the local community. The local community now has special skills to become skilled craftsmen of Bengok Craft products, so that they could improve the standard of living of the community. In addition, Bengok Craft also has value for solving environmental problems in Rawa Pening where water hyacinth grows massively around the waters. Unfortunately, this uncontrolled growth causes environmental problems such as unstable ecosystems due to water hyacinth releasing evapotranspiration (evaporation and loss of water through plant leaves) so that many living creatures under water are destroyed. By taking water hyacinth to be used as a useful craft, of course Bengok Craft has participated in reducing existing environmental problems.

With the positive impacts that Bengok Craft brought, making it one of the TOP 10 finalists of the Community Link program on 3 November 2022 after the screening, selection, and assessment process that had been carried out previously in the period 1-24 October 2022. As a business that has innovation in the fields of climate and environment, community welfare, and economic empowerment, Bengok Craft’s struggle continues to compete for the TOP 3, namely the inauguration ceremony for the 3 best social ideas which will be announced on 10 November 2022.

Wish us always best of luck for the upcoming final stage, Sobat Bengok! Please support us by purchasing our creations through or our Instagram @bengokcraft!

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