Bengok Totebag Goni

Sobat Bengok, of course you are already familiar with Bengok Craft products. Bengok Craft provides a variety of processed water hyacinth in the form of crafts. As we know, water hyacinth has only been a pest that can damage the surrounding ecosystem. However, with creativity and innovation, Bengok Craft is able to process it into a useful craft. Considering that the craft produced by Bengok Craft is made from one of the water plants, this craft can be said to be zero waste and environmentally friendly.

Talking about Bengok Craft craft products, you may find various home-decor products and even fashion products at Bengok Craft. Well, this time we will recommend you one of the fashion products from Bengok Craft, the name is Bengok Totebag Goni.

Bengok Totebag Goni is one of the beautiful Bengok Craft bag products with numereous functions. This bag which has a size of 46X31X8cm weighs about less than 500gr. This bag is horizontal with a layer of woven water hyacinth on the outside and a layer of Goni (jute cloth) on the inside. This bag is equipped with a brown leather strap so that it matches the color of the water hyacinth and jute cloth.

This bag has many uses. In addition to fashion at important events, Bengok Goni Totebags may also be used for casual events such as vacations. In addition, this bag could be used as a container/place of things which of course suits your creativity, Sobat Bengok.

It is very perfect for accommodating things such as groceries, luggage for picnics, selected items for emergency needs, as well as accessories to support your outfit when hanging out.

This bag is designed without a zipper so it could accommodate many things. Well how? Already interested in adopting this Bengok Craft product? Click for orders and further information!

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