Awardee from the Semarang Regency Government in the Youth Pledge Day
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

The role of youth today should be one step ahead to become a problem solver, overcome existing problems and become part of the agent of change. Of course, there are many things to do that could support the role of youth to make the surrounding environment better.

Moreover, today, in Indonesia is commemorated as Youth Pledge Day. The Youth Pledge was a declaration made on 28 October 1928 by young Indonesian nationalists in the Second Youth Congress. They proclaimed three ideas: one motherland, one nation and one language.

Realizing the spirit of the youth pledge today could be done by doing things that are beneficial to the people around them. Like Astaria Eka Santi or commonly called Asta for example. She is the Co-founder of Bengok Craft, a community-based community empowerment business that processes water hyacinth into various crafts.

She and her husband, Firman together contribute to solving the problems that surround the place where he lives, namely Kesongo Village near Rawa Pening. Rawa Pening which connects Semarang Regency and Salatiga Regency is filled with water hyacinth which is harmful to the ecosystem around the Swamp. Many fish died because of the massive growth of water hyacinth. Therefore, she and Firman together developed Bengok Craft.

The handicrafts they produce are no doubt. In addition to marketing their products outside the region, they have also succeeded in exporting to various countries. As a result, many are affected by the economy, increasing the standard of living of Bengok Craft workers such as craftsmen, most of whom are local residents.

No wonder Asta’s great contribution has attracted the Regent of Semarang Regency. On the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day, Asta received an award from the Semarang Regency Government on Friday, 28 October 2022. Located at Bung Karno Square, Kalirejo, West Ungaran, Asta received an award directly from Mr. Ngesti Nugraha after attending the Youth Pledge Day commemoration ceremony at the same time.

Firman who acts as the Founder of Bengok Craft is also proud and grateful over the achievements achieved by his wife.

Asta’s success of course in making changes in the surrounding environment could certainly be an example for young people to always contribute to making the surrounding environment better. This indirectly also contributes to advancing the nation.

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