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Modern interior design with ethnic furniture
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Do you think a house with a modern interior design must also be equipped with modern furniture? Not really. Suppose you own a house with a modern interior design. In that case, you can also complement it with other types of furniture, such as ethnic furniture commonly found in homes with traditional interior designs.

Modern interior design is a contemporary trend style with the characteristics of a room that does not use much decoration to decorate the room, looking neat and clean. However, some furniture is sometimes needed, even though not as much as other interior designs. The use of natural materials combined with metal materials is applied as the characteristics of this design. The room is open with large windows, using neutral colours such as white, black, and brown for the room’s primary colour.

Ethnic furniture, commonly found in traditional interior design, has a touch of culture. Besides that, ethnic furniture and materials usually carry the concept back to nature, such as plants and animals.

Based on the explanation above, even though they seem the opposite, it turns out that they can be combined in harmony if we arrange them properly.

For example, your walls and partitions use harmonious colours such as grey and white, with some combinations with glass giving a strong impression that the house has a modern design.

But so that it doesn’t seem monotonous, you can add ethnic furniture, making your home look more aesthetic.

Like the furniture from Bengok Craft that can be a consideration for you. Bengok Craft is one of the leading water hyacinth craft from Semarang Regency.

As a producer of handicrafts, Bengok Craft also produces home decor products. Because it is made of natural materials, the craft is very ethnic. Very suitable to be applied at home with modern interior design.

You could add Bengok Vase to your home table. Otherwise, if you want to hang it, you can add Bengok Tapal Vase, which is filled with dried flowers or used for particular multifunctional containers.

You also add Bengok Tissue Box to beautify your tissue box on the dining table, living room, family room, or bedroom.

Bengok Craft also produces baskets that are very multifunctional while enhancing the appearance of your home. They could be filled with utensils, food, spices, or others according to your creativity. With the brown colour of dried water hyacinth, it is still in harmony when combined with a modern interior design. Grab your own Bengok Craft home decor products to decorate your home. Click

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