Ms. Harmusa, second from right visited Bengok Craft at Daringan Kesongo Culture on Wednesday, 26 October 2022
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A member of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) from Commission XI again directly visited Bengok Craft today, 26 October 2022 from 9am-12am. This visit was the impact of the meeting of commission XI in finance and banking with the Bank Indonesia Central Java Representative Office which was held on Friday, 23 September 2022.

The members of the DPR who visited Bengok Craft this time were Ms. Harmusa. Ms. Harmusa this time is certainly a development from the previous meeting, where she wanted to monitor the development of regional financial inclusion. In addition, she also wanted to review the progress of the Bank Indonesia x Bengok Craft project in the development of the Sahitya Subsistence group.

The Sahitya group is a Subsistence Group-Based Inclusive Economic and Financial Development Program created by Bengok Craft under the supervision of Bank Indonesia to gather young people and young entrepreneurs to develop together through skill development programs to be more competitive.

Not only sharing session activities held at Daringan Kesongo Culture, the Bengok Craft Team also invited Ms. Harmusa to explore Rawa Pening using a traditional boat. While exploring Rawa Pening, the Bengok Craft team explained the potentials around Rawa Pening.

Rawa Pening is the main place for Bengok Craft to get water hyacinth as the main material for crafting, considering that the plant grows massively there.

After returning from Rawa Pening, they returned to Daringan to practice making water hyacinth. The crafts made are in the form of accessories. After finished, the activity ended with a lunch session and a group photo.

Firman to the Bengok Craft copywriter team (10/26) said that this visit was a form of DPR RI support for the sustainability of the inclusive group created by Bank Indonesia and Bengok Craft.

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