TRIBUNNEWSWIKI.COM – The Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) 2022 officially started on June 8, 2022. This event was open to anyone who wants to get a business capital of IDR 2 billion.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is starting to show signs of abating and the economy continues to spin, business are still faced with various challenges.

For this reason, the Wismilak Foundation is here to provide business capital and a way for entrepreneurs in Indonesia, through the 2022 DSC. For participants who pass the selection and get business capital, then they would receive assistance for 2 years at no cost, with materials according to the participants’ business ideas.

The formation of the Board of Commissioners at DSC 2022 is filled with Surjanto Yasaputera as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, and two other members of the Board of Commissioners, Antarina S.F. Amir and Helmy Yahya. Then four coaches were also present to provide guidance and networking possibilities.

They are M. Jupaka – COO of Nama Beauty & Strategic Advisor, Andanu Prasetyo – CEO of Maka Group & Founder of Tuku Coffee Shop, Tashya Araysha – Director of RANS Bisnis Indonesia, and Tarra Budiman – CEO of Shining Bright.

This program from the Wismilak Foundation has entered its 13th implementation. DSC 2022 comes with a new format to provide a wider reach to aspiring young entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia.

During the incubation period, DSC 2022 with the jargon of Realizing Your Business Vision #BikinGebrakan also provides assistance to participants from mentors who have entrepreneurial experience and are competent in their fields.

Characters Looked For

Edric Chandra as the DSC 2022 Program Initiator said the main focus of this year’s program was to realize sustainable business ideas, Business Ideas, Entrepreneur Ecosystems. Namely realizing a sustainable business and stability to the next generation. So they could be proud and leave a legacy.

“Based on the experience of the past 2 years, we tried to raise the issue of sustainable business. Indeed the implementation is not easy. However, we emphasize as a message and an important point, that the goal of business is stability, then originality must grow,” said Edric, to, Tuesday (12/7/2022).

The idea of a sustainable business is to create a sustainable business by taking into account the operational aspects of the business. Such as supply chain, production, delivery of products to consumers to waste treatment with the principle of caring for the natural environment.

“In this case, participants must be able to find solutions to solve problems for a better earth. Then, the context is not only good at selling a lot, but also financial health. Then invest in digitization. If it is done consistently, it would become a system that facilitates business processes,” he said.

According to Edric, brilliant ideas and good campaigns are meaningless when they are not represented properly. He believes that every business has its own market share. However, character is an important thing to convey.

The character in question includes 3 aspects. Namely the company’s character, actions and ability to be at the forefront of ‘selling’.

“You must have a character who is able to realize the vision. It must also be checked whether he has a competitive character or not, what is the track record, or isonly good at presenting. Then you could sell, not just personal branding,” he explained. As of Monday (11/7/2022), 862 proposals have been submitted. The process of finding the right character has even been carried out since the beginning of submitting the 2022 DSC. Edric explained that his party has a new method in the form of a vlog pitch. Here, participants submit vlogs for the presentation of their business ideas.

“We are actually looking for the impressions of the participants. In the end, this is more valuable than just venture capital. In the ecosystem, everyone gets experience, and even networking opportunities from mentors,” said Edric.

On the other hand, this program also creates a network in the form of DSC Alumni. There were 429 alumni who joined. Edric said that the network ultimately provides an opportunity for its members to develop and grow together.

Because they have the same vision and mindset, they could also provide input and share about things to advance their respective businesses.

“We give this a trigger and then we can walk on our own organically. As long as the alumni of the first degree are up to 12 years old, everyone is friendly. From here, there are many insights.

“The key is not what we do, but who we combine,” he concluded.

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