Dewantara Co-op Event held by Universitas PGRI Semarang presented two competent speakers, namely Firman Setyaji (up) and Ali Esmanto (below)
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Koperasi Mahasiswa Dewantara (Student Cooperative) of Universitas PGRI Semarang held a national seminar on 19 October 2022 at 07:30 local time. Located at GP 7th Floor, Universitas PGRI Semarang, this National Seminar is part of the Dewantara Co-op Event (DCE) with the theme of the importance of Entrepreneurship for the Young Generation in the Era of Global Competition.

This seminar is present as an effort to generate entrepreneurial interest for students. Students in an increasingly competitive era are not only able to pursue higher education but also have the ability to become entrepreneurs. Having entrepreneurial skills could certainly improve the local economy and of course increase opportunities to create jobs. This national seminar certainly presents relevant speakers in the field of entrepreneurship.

The founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji, was one of the speakers who filled this national seminar. The other speaker was Ali Esmanto who is the Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Kudus and also the owner of MSMEs in foods such as Jenang, ice cream, and honey. Firman Setyaji as the owner of the leading water hyacinth handicraft business in Semarang Regency provides the key in developing entrepreneurship, namely how to process turnover into assets. From the turnover created assets that need to be maintained continuously. Sociopreneurship could be built by prioritizing benefits over profit in business management. Bengok craft is an example of a sociopreneurship business because it is not only looking for profit, but also how to make it useful for the local community around it. Bengok Craft has so far been able to solve problems in Rawa Pening while improving the living standards of the surrounding community.

“For a sustainable and competitive business in the global era, a competent character is needed, namely having competence, commitment, and consistency,” said Firman in the middle of his speech.

With competence, he stated that he could create the potential that is around us, create something that has never been thought of or has not been used optimally. Commitment needs to be formed considering that the business being carried out would not always run smoothly in the sense that it would definitely find obstacles in the middle of starting a business. When falling and experiencing a downturn in business, a businessman must also be able to get back up to fix it. As for this consistency, it means being able to maintain it from two sides, both from the production side and the marketing side. Maintaining the number of production and quality is very important in order to maintain the image of the company. While marketing is important to be done consistently so that relationships with customers are maintained.

After the presentation of the entrepreneurship material from the speaker, interview participants were invited to ask questions with the speakers.

The national seminar session closed with the handing over of placards and souvenirs and a group photo session.

For seminar participants who are interested in SME products, the speakers could also see the products. For Bengok Craft, Bengok Slipper and Bengok Bracelet are displayed as best-selling souvenirs.

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