Bengok Craft creations in home-decor products
Credit: YouTube Gajahmada Group Channel

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What is the uniqueness of Bengok Craft?

The uniqueness of Bengok Craft lies in its ethnic and rustic creations, not adding many additional elements to its creations so that it still looks natural. In addition, water hyacinth craft has not too many competitors so that Bengok Craft could determine its own market share.

“Our creations are also very varied and innovative, usually water hyacinth crafts only focus on home-decor and furniture, we try to expand into fashion as well,” Firman added.

How is the condition when faced with the Covid-19 outbreak?

Of course the situation became very difficult at that time. Firman said that production had been delayed for several months due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“After 6 months passed at that time, we tried to bounce back by changing the strategy with digital marketing,” said Firman.

The digital marketing is through online marketing by broadcasting and posting on social media. During a pandemic, of course, customers’ interest in shopping directly is very low. People prefer to stay at home because the pandemic is still spreading. Firman’s strategy seems to be quite successful, with digital marketing by Bengok Craft not only maintaining sales but also increasing branding.

Firman explained that in 2019, Bengok Craft was able to reap a turnover of 135 million, while in 2020 due to the outbreak, the turnover had dropped to 122 million. Meanwhile, in 2021, he was able to bounce back by reaping a turnover of 228 million. In 2022, which is currently running, Firman is able to reap a higher turnover. The year hasn’t ended yet, yet Firman has already earned around 300 million.

As a community-based business, how does Bengok Craft convince the community?

Firman at the beginning of the development of Bengok Craft realized that empowering the community at that time was not easy, especially when he gained craftsmen from local residents.

“Many have joined us, but slowly began to doubt whether this business can survive, whether they are able to produce handicrafts that are varied in balance with the reciprocity,” said Firman.

However, he eventually changed his strategy. He held meetings through training with local residents.

“By synchronize the vision and mission, conveying the mindset, and also there is one family that can be used as a role model, namely Pak Budiman’s family who has felt the impact of joining as craftsmen, namely by increasing the standard of living, finally up to now 15 craftsmen have been able to survive with us,” added Firman.

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