Ruang Radio had a talkshow with Firman Setyaji, owner of Bengok Craft at Daringan Kesongo Culture
Credit: Youtube Gajahmada Group Channel

Through a Ruang Radio organized by the Gajahmada Group Channel on 18 October 2022, Firman Setyaji or fondly called Firman shared his experiences with the host regarding his journey to build Bengok Craft. Set in Daringan Kesongo Culture with a diverse background of handicraft products and green expanses of nature, Firman begins his story with the meaning of Bengok Craft.

What is Bengok Craft?

Bengok Craft is a business founded by the word. “Bengok” is a local term for water hyacinth, local residents around Rawa Pening often refer to water hyacinth as “Bengok”. While Craft is English from Craft. With the combination of these terms, of course, Firman wants to bring this local business to develop to a global level.

The local business that Firman meant was the water hyacinth craft business. Where he lives surrounded by a swamp called Rawa Pening. The swamp is causing problems because it is filled with water hyacinth. Water hyacinth, which continues to grow massively, is certainly a concern for Firman and local residents because it disturbs the surrounding ecosystem. That’s why Firman made this water hyacinth waste into a useful creations through Bengok Craft.

What is the first product of Bengok Craft?

Considering that Bengok Craft was founded in 2019, the first creations was actually simple. Firman said that at first, he tried to make a book with water hyacinth cover. This was because making a book with water hyacinth decoration was fairly easy for him, who at that time was still new to hyacinth product development.

“We make a book with a cover with a layer of water hyacinth attached, it’s quite easy for us. In addition, we also use used printing paper that is processed in such a way,” said Firman.

As a result, he said that there were quite a lot of enthusiasts for the initial product, so that he and his team increasingly developed their products into various types, ranging from fashion, home-decor, accessories, and many more.

“Every month we target at least one product innovation so that up to date we have produced more than 100 product variants,” said Firman.

“Sometimes, every month we don’t just add 1 product innovation, sometimes it comes to mind that more types of creations can be produced,” Firman added.

Does Bengok Craft’s water hyacinth creations have segmentation?

Firman explained that the segmentation of Bengok Craft is women, especially those aged 20-40 years old who live in big cities. Jakarta is a city that contributes 70% of Bengok Craft product enthusiasts. In addition, he added that most of them are environmentally concerned, thus making Bengok Craft as one of their references.

Not only big cities in Indonesia, Firman said that his creations are also in demand by countries in Asia and Europe.

“Water hyacinth creations, if marketed locally here, are a bit difficult, considering that the people here are used to seeing water hyacinth, if we market them nationally and globally, there are many customers or buyers who are interested in our creations as they are rare for them,” Firman explained.

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